Keep up with your gutter maintenance

To elongate your guttering’s lifespan it is essential that the cleaning of the gutters is scheduled, just like you would with other things about the house. They should be cleaned twice per year at the start of spring and the start of autumn, this is because it is easier to remove the leaves when they are dry. With no debris in the downpipe you are going to avoid needing repairs which can be expensive. When it rains, the water will move freely through the gutter and there will be minimal damage if any at all.

When you get the gutters cleaned in spring, this will allow the rain water to flow freely and make any damage that could have been caused in the winter identifiable.


Cleaning out your gutter is a physically demanding task and requires tools and a substantial amount of your time. If you are incapable of such a task due to lack of tools/training or you just don’t have the time then you came to the right place.

Rennie’s gutter care are the professionals for the job.


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